Friday, August 5, 2022


There was a lot of cosplay at this year's BreyerFest.
Most of it happened Saturday at the Children's and Youth Show.
The show holders invited the staff to wear their best, and the staff delivered.
So good.
Since Saturday is busy, most of those costumes stayed on all day. 
It was great seeing people dressed in something other than shorts and large screen-printed t-shirts...
and I can not tell you how much I enjoyed watching the auction through Heather Jackson-Lain's cute little ears.
That said, this is one trend I did not expect to be a part of. 
photo by Kristian Beverly
And yet...
photo by Carra McClelland
Here's how this happened: My friend, Fabian Rodriguez, is a member of the American Sidesaddle Association. This group has a longstanding association with BreyerFest, and Fabian has ridden with them every year he's attended.
This year was more of the same, but with a twist. Instead of just riding around the park, I was invited to ride with the sidesaddle group in the Covered Arena. There was only one condition. I had to wear a costume, and the main part of the costume was a bathing suit that was two sizes too big.

Not going to lie, my initial response was, "Oh no. I can not."

Then... I don't know. I guess I just talked myself into it. 
Literally, there is nothing I won't do to ride a horse. 
It was so focused on the whole no helmet, no bra, so much visible skin! parts of the costume that I didn't pay attention to what it actually was until I was sitting in the saddle. Then, suddenly, everything made sense. I was Ursula - a freaking octopus woman - at BreyerFest 2022 - the year of Kylee's freaking octopus horse, Nerissa
photo by Lindsay Diamond
photo by Kristian Beverly
And just like that, I stopped feeling ridiculous. I sat up tall, squared my pale, chubby shoulders and rode forward like I owned the place.
photo by Christina Harrington
I had become a part of Cosplay BreyerFest.

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  1. ONE OF US. Oh wait, you already were. Carry on.

    CosplayFest was fun!