Thursday, August 4, 2022

BreyerFest Sunday

Sunday is the last day of BreyerFest. Everyone woke up tired, including Tiffany and me. Sadly, there was no rest for the weary. Tiffany was teaching a workshop that morning, so we rolled out of bed and headed to the Horse Park. Since I didn't need to go up to the Alltech Arena, I had her drop me off at Man O' War's statue. It was very peaceful, and I lingered for a few minutes, enjoying the sounds of the birds and the water.

I arrived at the Covered Arena just as the day's activities were beginning. I picked up my glossy Nikolas from the Breyer trailer. So pretty!
I ran into Tara, and we decided my model needed to meet the real Nikolas. 
On the way back to the Covered Arena, we crossed paths with Mindy Berg.
One thing led to another, and we decided we needed more pictures with Nikolas.
Thank you so much to Christine Jordan for helping us make that happen!
I would have been happy to hang out with Christine, Tara, Mindy and Niko all day, but then I got the most amazing offer. Fabian's sidesaddle group was looking for a catch rider for their afternoon performance. Was I interested? Of course I was!
Then I rode into the BreyerFest arena.
This was so much fun. I still can't believe it happened.
photo by Kristian Beverly
After the ride, it was back to the barn, back into normal clothes and back to the Covered Arena for the Sunday raffle drawing. I watched with a big group of friends. None of us won a Dirndl, but it really didn't seem to matter. Just being there together was a win.
Tiffany had gone back to Illinois earlier that day, so I bummed a ride back to the hotel with Missy Shaw and her friend, Josh. 
We walked by Man O' War on the way out. 
It felt like a perfect ending to a nearly perfect day.
I got to my room, took off my shoes and decided to call it a night.
Then fate once again intervened, this time in the form of Lindsay Diamond. Before I even knew what happened, I was part of a semi-hostile restaurant takeover.
This was so fun.
I love these people so much.
The last day at BreyerFest was the best day. It almost did kill me, but it was worth it.

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  1. I'm glad to discover your degree of disbelief about the Maleficent episode equals mine. :) But oh, to ride in that Arena -- !!