Friday, March 17, 2017

Barn, cat

Heather Malone has a wonderful model horse collection...
that includes several pieces I would dearly love to call my own.
However, of all the things we unpacked last Saturday, the one that I wanted the most wasn't a horse at all... It was a barn!
Look at this amazing barn! Heather found it on Craigs List and bought it for just seventy five dollars. I am so jelly.
The roof and cupola lift off... 
to expand the play (and photography) possibilities.
It's classic scale, which is not quite as good as traditional, but I would happily embrace the 1:12 world if I had a barn like this! 
Similarly, were it not for dogs and allergies, I would happily embrace a feline lifestyle if I could have a cat like these.
Specifically, like this one.
I know everyone thinks of me as a dog person, but I actually do like cats. I have long admired Heather's cats on Facebook, and was looking forward to meeting them in person. Still, I was unprepared for the awesomeness of Sammy.
I think he liked me, too, so a return visit is in order. I think I could be very happy sitting on the floor playing with that barn and Sammy!


  1. that barn is gorgeous! I want one in Traditional scale! But...classic wouldn't be terrible. Ponies can always fit in it.

  2. That dark bay is gorgeous!

    1. She's a Stacey Tumlinson Catalina by Tammi Palmarchuk. Absolutely gorgeous piece!

  3. Oh wow, that barn is so nice!! Love the kitties too. :D

  4. The best thing about classic scale is that most standard dollhouse items will fit. I could have SO MUCH FUN outfitting that barn.