Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Love the ones you're with

Five years ago today, I said goodbye to my beautiful Abbie.
We spent sixteen wonderful years together..
If you knew me during that time, you probably heard me refer to her as "perfect" and "the best dog ever." 
She was both those things.
Nowadays, I share my life with Darcy...
and Emma. 
They're good dogs, but neither one of them is perfect.
Darcy is needy, fragile,
incredibly loud...
and more than a little bit weird.
Emma is sneaky and suspicious, fearful of people...
and unpredictably aggressive towards other dogs.
She's also every bit as weird as Darcy.
I love them dearly, but they're definitely not perfect.
And that's okay. I don't need them to be perfect. In fact, I like them just the way they are.
They may not be "the best dogs ever," but they're the best dogs for me right now. They make me very happy, and I am  grateful to have them in my life.


  1. I hadn't realized that you, too, had an Abby/Abbie. :) She sounds like she was a wonderful girl. Glad you have Darcy and Emma in your life. Dogs are family!

    1. Your Abby shares a name with my best dog ever and a color with my best pony ever. It's no wonder I like her so much!

  2. Always glad you had Abbie, though every time you write about her it makes me cry because I HAVE my perfect dog and she's getting old, and glad you have your two girls now. They are joyous! :)

    1. Everyone should get at least one perfect dog. I'm glad I got to meet yours.

  3. I have an Abbie but mine's a cat. She was a stray until December and is still fearful of me. She's also very weird.

    We have 2 dogs as well and they're far from perfect but they're ours.

  4. This was a lovely post. It is just past two years since I said goodbye to my Lucy, who was my perfect dog. All dogs are precious and wonderful, however, and like you I'm so grateful to share my life with two of them today.