Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Copperfox cob

Seven months ago, I contributed to the Copperfox kickstarter program. Yesterday I received my thank you package.
My model of choice was the special run buckskin Welsh Cob, which was sculpted by Kelly Sealey.
This is a really wonderful mold with strong ABC's and lots of breed character.
I absolutely love his face. 
Unfortunately, I do not love those dapples. Some day I'm going to learn to stop buying mass produced models with dapples. They're always disappointing. 
Also worth noting--he's almost...
but not quite tack friendly. 
The cob was accompanied by a pretty nifty welcome package. 
There were lots of personal touches...
including a hand written thank you note.
I also received a Copperfox pin,
two certificates of authenticity, 
photos of the Copperfox line-up, 
a magazine, 
and a halter making kit. 
Dapples aside, I'm quite pleased with my package from Copperfox. Here's hoping they get the regular run models into production soon. There can never be too many plastic ponies!


  1. What a nifty gift package! I hope the buckskin color is released sans dapples.

  2. My buckskin Connemara should arrive today, assuming the USPS doesn't misdirect it again. The prototype image I saw had dapples--more subtle than the dapples on the bay--but of course prototypes are not production models. We'll see.

    1. Yep, pretty similar dapples. I think they look a little better on the lighter buckskin color (less stark), but they're not actually any different.