Sunday, July 19, 2015

BreyerFest Youth Show costume entries

The BreyerFest Youth Show is open to hobbyists between the ages of thirteen and sixteen. Since the focus is on fun and learning, "professional" tack and props are strictly prohibited. Everything must be made by Breyer or the exhibitor herself. This evens the playing field and encourages creativity. 

It also, I am sure, helps create a whole new generation of tackmakers.

Today's pictures were taken by Niki Hertzog during the Costume class at the 2015 BreyerFest Youth Show.
I am impressed with both the variety...  
and the quality of these entries.
The Mongol pony won the class... 
and also went on to be Other Performance Champion and Over Performance Reserve Champion. 
Congratulations to all the Youth Show exhibitors on a job well done, and thanks to Niki for sharing the photos!