Friday, July 24, 2015

Full dinosaur circle

I love this guest post. It's written by a friend and features the work of two other friends. Plus--dinosaurs! Thanks and congratulations, Erin.

Full Dinosaur Circle

by Erin Corbett

Way back in mid-2013, I contacted Kim and Kathi Haymond about a crazy jump idea I had. I came across this photo on google image search and thought YES, this is the perfect cross country jump and I know just the ladies to bring it to life! I didn't know where it was from or have any additional photos, but they went with it!
Kim was all too excited to bring this jump into 1:9 scale, and it would be done for me to use at Breyerfest 2014. Then... I got pregnant, and my 2014 summer plans went out the window! I more or less forgot about my Dino jump, until it came time to ramp up planning for BF 2015. Kim assured me it would be done and ready to pick up in July in Lexington and I couldn't have been more excited!! She delivered it to our hotel room, and MAN was it just as awesome as I had hoped.
I was showing a brand new horse, brand new tack set, brand new (to me) doll, and brand new jump... a potential recipe for disaster, at a high-stakes show like Breyerfest Live. Everything came together perfectly though... 
and PHF Stress Dream (by Tiffany Purdy) won the class!
He went on to do great in the English section (until I messed up his dressage tack change and screwed myself out of the championship but that's a story for another day), but this XC win is one of my best moments of the whole day.
Little did I know when this was going on that one of my best friends, Melanie Miller, was headed to Rebecca Farms to spectate the huge three-day-eventing competition they hold in late July. I also had no idea that my random reference pic was of this real jump that just happened to be located at Rebecca Farms... until Mel posted this photo on Facebook this morning. RUN MEL! RUUUUUUN! 
This jump will always be a treasured part of my performance arsenal! 


  1. For the record, I fixed the flags before the set was judged - I know it's red on right, just a momentary brain fart! :-p

  2. That's amazing.

    One of my all-time favorite XC course features was at Hitching Post Farm in Vermont: they had a dummy wearing a Tipperary helmet trying to crawl out of a culvert alongside the water jump, zombie-style. It was the kind of thing that was simultaneously hilarious and terrifying while walking the course, but wasn't noticeable for the horses. Even my water-phobic horse went through just fine.

  3. omg that jump is amazing!