Thursday, October 31, 2013

Yesterday at Kenlyn

One of my best riding friends, Kristina, owns a beautiful half warmblood, half Quarter Horse gelding named Kahlua.
Despite being blessed with a really great human mama, Kahlua's had a difficult life. He seriously injured one of his hind legs as a youngster, and for a long time it looked as if he would never be sound enough to ride. Kristina never gave up on him, and earlier this year, he was healthy enough for Erica to start him under saddle. Everything was going well, and then Erica died.

Kenlyn's other trainer, Sarah, generously offered to take over Erica's commitments, and Kahlua continued to make good progress. There was even one day, some six weeks ago, when Kristina, Valerie and I went out trail riding together. We were only going to go around the golf course, but Kahlua was so good we made it all the way to the Coal Creek Arena. It was a wonderful day!

And then...

A few weeks ago, Kristina was dismounting and Kahlua spooked. It wasn't a big spook, but Kristina hit the ground hard, completely tearing up her knee.

Her surgery was three days before mine.

Naturally, we've spent a lot of time commiserating with one another over Facebook. We've talked about pain and drugs and horses and how much we miss our horses and then one thing led to another and we decided that we couldn't wait any longer. We had to go see our horses!
I can't drive yet, so Kristina did the honors. She dropped me off right next to Rev's pen. 
I think he was happy to see me!
With help from Carol and some other friends, I was able to feed and brush Rev and turn him out in the round pen for a little roll. Remember when I said that horses look funny when they roll? Now all I can think of is how much it hurts when one of them  rolls on me--OUCH!
Rev and I hung out a little longer, and then someone--I think Carol--put him away for me. 
I re-joined Kristina in the center of the ring, and we watched Sarah ride Kahlua. 
He was awesome! 
After Sarah was done riding him, she brought him to us so we could love on him a little. Then, he too, was taken away.
We probably should have gone home then, but it was so nice sitting in the ring, talking to people and watching everyone ride. This is Kelly's wonderful horse, Gunner...
and this is Claire and her pony Doodlebug.
Doodle was Erica's pony, and after her death, Erica's parents gave her to Claire. It was a perfect decision. Claire and Doodle suit each other perfectly, and I love to watch them together even though it still makes me a little sad.
I wish I could have stayed all day, but eventually both Kristina and I succumbed to our post surgery weakness. We headed home, tired and sore but so very happy. Truly, there's no better therapy than a couple hours spent at the stable!


  1. Im so sorry for arm..must be bad not to ride rev..:(


  2. Ah, Kalua is so handsome! His color is truley stunning. The next custom I do NEEDS to be that beautiful shade. And Rev looks so happy to see you! You know, you really need one of those "My therapist lives at a barn" shirts, lol. Glad to see you're well enough to visit the ponies.
    I wonder what Rev'd think about FluffyTrilli? ;)

  3. I wonder when rev saw you he yhought ”did you bring treats.”


    1. I think Rev knows that I *always* bring treats!