Thursday, October 3, 2013

Busy Thursday

Today was mostly a real horse day.
I dropped the kids off at school, and then Carol and I drove to Kenlyn to spend some time with everyone's favorite goofy Arab. 
From there we drove to Golden to see Cara and Poppy
It's been just two weeks since my last visit, and already they have improved by leaps and bounds.  I look forward to watching their progress in the months to come. 
It was nearly five o'clock before I returned home.  I was tempted to call it a day, but instead, I made myself finish up the harness lines (reins).  These may seem simple enough--just two long straps, three buckles and five keepers--but I find that it takes several hours to get them right.  The leather must be thin enough to drape nicely but not so thin as to look crinkly.  It's a fine balance, but totally worth the effort.
Tomorrow is supposed to be cold and snowy, so I expect I'll have a bit more studio time.  It may take me the entire month of October, but this harness is going to get finished!


  1. Cold and snowy? Sounds blissful! Your harness is coming along nicely. :)

  2. Cold and snowy for one day and then warm and sunny again over the weekend. Welcome to fall in Colorado!

  3. Aw, Rev! <3 I love his blaze. :D

  4. I never noticed Rev's blaze looks a lot like my horse's!

  5. Those reins/lines look so realistic and they drape beautifully! Are the reins on harnesses connected like english reins or are they like split reins in western?
    (Also, I love love love that scarlet resin)

    1. These have a buckle. I am not an expert on anything related to harness or driving, but I do know that at least some full scale harnesses have a buckle, so that's what I always do.