Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Three steps forward, two steps back

I spent most of the day working on Danielle's harness bridle.  Some progress was made, but it didn't come easy.
Things got off to a rocky start with a broken throatlatch.  "No big deal," I thought.  "I'll just cut that a bit wider next time."  

Of course, once I'd done exactly that, I realized I didn't have any 3/32" gold tone buckles.  Sigh.  I placed an order with Rio Rondo and resigned myself to waiting a few days before I could make a new throatlatch.

I moved on to the blinker stays and center decoration.  Those came together fairly easily, but then the browband didn't fit.  Big sigh.  I carefully picked it apart and made it just a little bit longer.
The noseband and curb chain didn't present any significant issues... 
but now that I've seen the photos, I see a couple more things that need to be changed. 

Thank goodness Danielle is the most patient customer ever.  I think this harness is going to be a long term proposition!


  1. It's coming together beautifully! The gold hardware looks so good on BFF! You should make a second one for yourself. :)

  2. BFF is so photogenic. Every stage of harness construction is likely to be documented simply because it gives me an excuse to take more pictures of her!

  3. Wow! Even the photos of this harness are SO worth waiting for. Danielle, you're truly going to have a gem when it's finished!

  4. Gorgeous! Love how the gold hardware pops on BFF. C an't wait to see the rest as it progresses. Will it be a collar or non-collar harness?

  5. It's a collar harness, and that's what scares me. I've made four collared harnesses in my lifetime, but all of those were work harnesses. Plus, they were forever ago. The first two were made in 2000. The other pair, a couple years later. I don't even remember how I made them!

    Thankfully, I do have Susan Bensema Young's wonderful Guide to help me through the process. This would be so much harder without her words and patterns!