Friday, October 25, 2013

Here's what happened

If you're expecting some big dramatic accident story, this is going to be very anticlimactic.  Saturday's ride started off completely normal.  I climbed aboard, and we spent several minutes warming up at a walk on a long rein.
We moved into a trot, and he was his usual lively self.
However, he settled nicely, 
and we did a little work on baby extensions...
and collections. 
We stepped up into the canter, and he continued to be fine so I got off and built a little tiny jump. 
Although he's not terribly talented, Rev likes to jump.   
His biggest issue is that he tends to take off from too far back... 
 and launch himself at the fence. 
Because the jumps are dinky, this usually works out ok. 
However, I've been really working at keeping him quiet and steady all the way to the base of the jump.  For the first five or six fences Saturday, he did exactly that--trotted to the base and popped over quietly.  No long distances, no yee haw moments at all.

And then...  we did it one more time and he was too quiet.  He barely jumped up at all and hit the rail.  Instead of falling straight down, he pushed it forward in front of his legs.  He tripped over it, and we both went down.  I fell over his right shoulder onto my left collarbone.  He rolled over to the the right and on top of my left leg.  It seemed as if he stayed there forever, but probably it was just a few seconds.  Then, he got up and trotted off, and I staggered to my feet and announced, "I'm ok."

And that's all there is.  Basically, Rev tripped over a tiny little trot fence and rolled on top of me.  It's not much of a story.

Thankfully, Tiffany is working on a mountain lion saga.  When it's done, I'll have a much better story to tell people!


  1. Tiff should make a model scene for illustrations

    1. If I had two good hands, I would make one of my rider dolls a sling!

  2. I wondered about that... I mean, I pulled Flick down on TOP of me once. On concrete. No bruises for either of us.

    1. Chief fell down on me once and landed on both legs. I had no bruises and wasn't even sore the next day. I guess t's better to have that happen when you're 14 rather than 44!

  3. I totally vote for a model scene including the doll in a sling! Hahaha. Can't wait to hear the amped up mountain lion version. You should tell it the real way a couple more times then start embellishing it each time.

  4. Ooh, a mountain loin version will be much more exciting ;)

    My first (and only) fall was actually an emgergency dismount, but that was an out-of-control mare that wouldn't slow down, so basically I flung myself off, lol.

    I did the same "I'm okay!" Announcement, because I was at a lesson, and the other girls looked horrified, like I had nearly died. I just got bruised, haha. :)