Friday, December 3, 2021

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Today's guest post comes from Prue Critchley, who is the owner of a real life Breyer horse, the Arabian stallion Empres++++//. Originally posted on the Breyer Facebook page, this is the story behind her award winning horse and squirrel photo. Thank you so much, Prue, for allowing me to share your words and photos.

Pumpkins, Spice, Everything Nice... and Squirrels!

by Prue Critchley

I entered a photo of one of our squirrels and my stallion Empres in Breyer's October Photo Show and was delighted to receive an Honorable Mention in the 18 and Over Category.
The judge, Erin Corbett asked how I managed to get the squirrel with Empres - so I have included a couple of other photos to show!
Timothy was one of a litter of squirrels born on our farm in the spring. I feed them every day and although not completely tame, they are pretty used to me!
My favourite pastimes are taking photos of my horses, particularly Empres, and of the squirrel family!
I set up a few props sometimes to get some different photos!  
On this shoot, Timothy was happy to oblige climbing all over the set up and Empres!  
Erin mentioned that one of the pumpkins was upside down - now what would you expect when you asked a squirrel to load the cart?!
As an aside, at one point the cart tipped and sadly the leg broke on my model (fortunately I have another!). Timothy immediately seized it and ran up the tree you can see in the background. He deposited the leg in the first crevice he found. My husband came out and got a ladder and luckily he was able to retrieve it. It was a nasty moment though I can laugh about it now!!
If you'd like to see more of Prue's Squirrel family, be sure to check out Mr. Bickles the Squirrel on Facebook.
Thank you again, Prue. Please say hi to Empres and Timothy for me!

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  1. I love Mr. Bickles and friends! I stumbled upon that facebook page because of one of the pictures with the Empres model, and of course, instantly had to follow. Horses and squirrels? How could I resist?! Thanks for sharing this guest post.