Sunday, September 19, 2021

Potty training

This Porta Potty Race video crosses my Facebook feed on a regular basis, usually because someone's tagged me in the comments.

I don't know why this keeps happening.
Seriously, I am so confused.
The Porta Potty video crossed my feed again last week. No one tagged me, but I saw it anyway, and boy, was I glad. That's because this time - unlike all the other times - it was paired with a 1:9 scale, purchasable potty. Obviously, this was a must have.
Designed and printed by Michelle Weitman of Rockin W Ranch, this little potty is perfect both inside and out.
No details were spared. In addition to the seat, there's a urinal, toilet paper holder and plenty of vents.
The logo is pretty nifty, too.
I still don't know why people think of me when they see a Porta Potty Racing video, but whatever. I like my new toy, and I have no doubt that it will find its way into a performance entry sooner or later.

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