Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Real quick

Over the weekend, Mary Jo and I went on a real quick road trip to Austin, Texas.

And when I say "real quick roadtrip," what I actually mean is that we spent four days...
driving through...
four states.
We passed through big cities,
small towns...
and vast stretches of nothingness...
We had a great time,
saw some beautiful country...
and spent time with some wonderful people...
and animals along the way.
I wouldn't change a thing.
Not even the lime sherbet and Prosecco dinner we had in Paul's Valley, Oklahoma.
That said, the real quick trip has left me really, really, really tired. It's going to take time tp gather my thoughts - and photos! - so instead of the full road trip rundown, I'd like to remind everyone to enter Anne Field's Field of Dolls Online Show, which is being hosted on the Online Model Horse Photo Shows site.
Instead of showing, I'm judging this time, and I really hope to see some amazing entries, especially in the Scene/Specialty Division. Anne writes some great prompts, and these are the most interesting classes in the entire show.
They're also the most important. Anne's shows have the best prizes, and the most efficient way to earn points for those prizes is to go big in the double judged classes.
And you know, since I'm one of the judges, the blog referred to in class 27 doesn't have to be Anne's. Everything in this blog is fair game as well.
With that, I am signing off for the day. I am real tired from my real quick road trip. I think I'm going to go take a nap!

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