Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Goodnight Moon

There's another new face at Braymere.

This is Goodnight Moon. 
Goodnight Moon is a limited edition Truman high relief medallion/resin sculpted by Kylee Parks and sold exclusively at her 2020 STAG sale. 
He was painted by Mindy Berg. I asked for spots, but I can not take credit for the Care Bear inspired rabbit. That was her idea entirely.
I am so pleased with this pair. Thank you so much, Kylee and Mindy!


  1. Why the blog was set as Private that long? :-( I love your blog Jennifer! :-D

  2. (I'm from Poland so I can make some English mistakes! ;-))

  3. Your English is fine!

    I am making a lot of life changes, and I needed a bit of time away from public blogging to sort some things out. This is still a work in progress, and the blog may eventually move to a subscription only format. I'm not sure yet, but won't make any permanent changes without some kind of public notice.