Friday, August 6, 2021

Glamour shots

This is my last week with Delilah, and I expected to spend most of it in the saddle. Unfortunately, Delilah had a different plan.

Long story short, she injured her throat. No one knows how she did it. It looks like wire, and trust me, we have walked every inch of her stall and field. No wire, no sharp edges, no hazards at all. 


She's breathing fine, she's eating fine, she's going to be just fine. 
Still, better safe than sorry. She's not my horse, and I'm no longer comfortable riding her. 
Instead, I've been spending my time with her on the ground, grooming and taking photos.
Oh, so many photos!
Mary Jo joined us one day this week, so now Scarlett has glamour shots, too.
Such a pretty girl!
It's not the way I'd expected my time with Delilah to end, but it's fine. I can honestly say I've enjoyed every minute with her, both in and out of the saddle.

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