Monday, August 2, 2021

Flat art by hobby artists

The mailman brought me an unexpected package today. Inside I found this gorgeous portrait of Darcy by my friend, Tamzyn Revolta.

I met Tamzyn last year during my trip to the Netherlands. This is my second piece by her. The first is a painting of Ted, the Comtois who took Carol, Leah and I on a carriage ride through Amsterdam.
Earlier this year, I was gifted another piece of original art. This is a portrait of Stealth by German hobbyist, Karina Machentanz. She definitely captured his noble profile!
A couple other not-so-recent additions to my flat art by model horse artists collection include this painting of Thunder in the gelding field by Kylee Parks...
and Kristen Cermele's fanciful depiction of Darcy and Emma cavorting in the snow.
Thank you, Tamzyn, Karina, Kylee and Kristen for immortalizing my canine and equine friends. I love each and every one of these pictures so much

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