Thursday, March 29, 2018

Hello dolly

The last time Erin Corbett judged in Colorado, I decided it was more important to clean my house than it was to prepare my performance entries. I managed to do okay at the show...
 but all my set-ups were a little sloppy, especially Princess Trillium's.
Her cross country entry was so terrible, Erin mocked it. I should have been offended, but honestly, I didn't blame her. It really was that bad.
In just over two weeks, Erin returns to Colorado to judge the performance classes at Rocky Mountain Spring Fling.
This time I've decided good entries are more important than a clean house. Most of my recent hobby time has been spent on show prep.
Yesterday, I started working on my cross country entry and realized that I never got around to upgrading the poor riding doll that made Princess Trillium's entry so mock-worthy. My first thought was to message Anne Field and beg her to make me something better. However, I know she's busy with a real job these days, plus I already owe her for my new dressage doll.
My next thought was to borrow a doll from Tiffany, but I'm already borrowing so many things from her. I hate to add anything else to the list. 
In the end, I decided to try making my own doll.
Or, more accurately, I decided to finish the doll I started last year using Anne's doll customizing tutorial.
I'd planned to write a post about the experience, but it ended up being so frustrating--and painful-- that I never got around to it.
Fortunately, things went a lot more smoothly today. 
All of the clothes are re-purposed Breyer clothes except for the safety vest. I made that from craft foam and leather. It has a magnetic closure so that it can be easily removed if I want to use the doll in other classes.
This doll isn't perfect, but she's good enough. 
Most importantly, I don't think Erin will feel the need to mock her. Hurray!

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  1. I love the vest! I've never thought of using craft foam to make mine.