Saturday, March 31, 2018

Lost and found

I shipped nearly two hundred boxes in the weeks following the end of NaMoPaiMo.
This forced me to dig deep into my stash of small boxes, and inside one of those boxes, I found this.
The postmark on the box was dated November 2008. What was happening in my life that caused me to not unpack more than sixty dollars worth of tack making hardware?
I can't imagine what I was thinking then, but I was delighted to find it now. The liverpool bit went right into the harness I'm making for Heather's show. 
The stirrups were added to an old saddle I'm rebuilding. This saddle was made in 2005, and originally featured stirrups I'd bought from Marsha Ensor.
Old stirrups in back, new in front. Just switching these out will make this saddle look a lot more current.
Thank you, careless 2008 Jennifer! 2018 Jennifer really appreciates the goodies!


  1. I could snicker, but I won't.... ����

  2. I love it that you've been creative long enough for this kind of thing to happen.

  3. It's always fun to find surprise gifts that you've left for yourself!