Wednesday, March 28, 2018

NaMoPaiMo in the international show ring

Despite its name, NaMoPaiMo is an international event. We had participants from twenty three countries this year, and many of those faraway NaMoPaiMo ponies have found their way into show rings across the world. Today's second post showcases the early careers of some of these models.

Our world tour begins in Ontario, Canada at the Luck of the Irish Live Show. Marina Amanova's tiny Gypsy Vanner was sixth in pinto workmanship,
Erica Ferguson's equally tiny Arabian placed third in his class...
and Lynn Cassels-Caldwell's Al Arjuani won the Overall Artist Resin Workmanship Championship. Hurray!
Sarah Biber's Khause a Scene won two Reserve Champions and a Champion title at a show in Rheine, Germany...
and Claire Goss's Negan won the custom Mustang class at Year of the Dog Live in Northampton, England.  
There were two NaMoPaiMo horses at G√∂teborgsliven in Gothenburg, Sweden. This is Tina Melin's Nazar winning his first class at his first show...
and this is Sophie Nordstr√∂m's Dustu J with his Championship winnings. 
This picture is a little older. It was taken at Vattenshowen 2017 in Stockhom, Sweden. It shows Jeanne Saar's 2017 NaMoPaiMo horse, Shikuulharaharijar, now owned by  Tai Lenke Enarsson winning the Overall Reserve Championship.
And speaking of Jeanne Saar... here's her 2018 NaMoPaiMo horse collecting top honors at the Red Anima Live Show in Moscow, Russia.
Congratulations, Marina, Erica, Lynn, Sarah, Claire, Tina, Sophie, Jeanne and Tai. You are all winners!

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