Monday, November 6, 2017

Someone at Breyer loves me

Shortly after I announced I'd be going to BreyerFest, I was contacted by Stephanie at Breyer. She asked if I would be interested in taking pictures of BreyerFest Live and the Children's and Youth Show for Just About Horses magazine.
 Of course I said yes.
 About a week ago, all my hobby friends started receiving their copies of Just About Horses in the mail. That's when I realized that I had forgotten to renew my membership to the Breyer Collector Club. There would be no Just About Horses coming to me. Darn it!
 But... someone at Breyer loves me. Today, as if by magic, I found two copies of JAH in my mailbox. Thank you so much, Breyer!


  1. Yes people love you. :) My copy finally showed up yesterday, probably because I'm a Y. To think I was once a B!!!

  2. They made an excellent choice in photographers. <3