Sunday, September 20, 2015

In the groove

I try not to work on weekends, but sometimes I make exceptions. Right now I am really in the groove as far as tackmaking goes. I want to be sitting in my studio working on things, and I'm not going to deny myself just because it's Sunday.

Because of this, Anne's mule set is now finished.
In addition to having Anne's name on the cantle, the number pocket pad sports Anne's Region X shower number. There's no doubt who this set belongs to! 
Since mules can be a little lacking in the withers department, I added a breastplate. The pictures are dark so you can't tell, but the long shoulder straps are raised. 
I really enjoyed making this set. Hopefully, the next one will go just as smoothly!


  1. Ann is one lucky kid! Hope you can stay in the groove. I'd be jealous but I'm following suit.