Monday, September 21, 2015

Hoarders R Us

Years ago, before I was experienced enough to know better, I bought a big pile of upholstery samples.  
They had been described as "soft and supple, perfect for model horse tackmaking." Sadly, that was not the case. Although the colors were pretty, the leather itself was thick and suede-y. I tried to make a few things with it, but the results left a lot to be desired. I tossed the lot into a drawer and mostly forgot about it. 
Every so often, I rifle through that drawer and think, "I should really throw that stuff away." I don't though, because someday I am a supply hoarder, and someday I might need some thick, heavy, colored leather.

Today was that day.

I had a special request for a nameplate halter with burgundy padding. At first I thought I might need to drive to the Leather Factory to look for burgundy dye. Then I remembered the pile. Sure enough there was a nice piece of burgundy in there.
In the fifteen plus years since I bought this leather, my skiving skills have improved a hundred fold. With the help of a brand new X-acto blade, I was able to transform that thick, bulky leather into thin, delicate padding.
I am pleased with the way this halter turned out, but more so, I am delighted that my hoarding has finally paid off. I'm never going to throw anything away again!

(kidding/not kidding)


  1. You SHOULD be pleased - it's gorgeous! As an inveterate hoarder of craft supplies, I am always ridiculously pleased when it turns out you were right to save that 1" square piece of felt from a project when the kids were in Kindergarten... ;)

  2. That is a beautiful halter!!!
    Those strip of leather might also make a nice bareback pad set. The suede, Natural Horsemanship style bareback pads are popular right now. I have one for my horse. It has rings & billets on either side so you can attach a western cinch. These pads are MUCH NICE than the cheap, fleece or cloth pads that have a buckle girth. All of the model horse bareback sets I've seen tend to be modeled after more of the cheap style would be cool to see one made with the actual cinch & billets attached!

  3. Hoarding for the win!! :D That halter is beautiful. :)

  4. Looks like my mare's halter, so really the same! And he's lovely, a pure delight. It paid for sure.

  5. I have those same furniture samples, my uncle worked at Fowlers Furniture store years ago and gave a 2 box fulls to play with Large samples and the small ones you have. I have sanded either the fronts or the backs off depending if I needed the smooth side or the suede side for many different projects.

  6. Hoarding?... No
    "Creative Saving"
    : )

  7. Gorgeous halter!
    (And hurrah for a fellow hoader - you never know when that scrap of leather/fabric/ribbon will come in handy, so I never risk missing out by never throwing anything away!)

  8. Great looking halter! I'm glad you hadn't had a chance to toss it yet