Thursday, September 3, 2015

Quick tips from Charlotte--hoof stripes

In addition to being the Queen of Braids and one of the hobby's best preppers, Charlotte Donahue is also a knowledgeable and generous teacher. She has produced a number of mini tutorials for the Model Horse Beginner Artists Facebook page. With her permission, I will be reposting some of those here. Thanks so much, Charlotte!

Hoof Stripes

by Charlotte Donahue

When painting hoof stripes, be mindful of the direction and shape of the stripes as they travel from the coronary band to the bottom of the hoof. In this picture, the stripes correctly follow the angle of the hoof wall. Even when the angles and attitudes of the hooves change, from say, a standing hoof to an action hoof, the stripes still follow the growth of the wall. Additionally, the stripes stay approximately the same width from top to bottom.
Here are some incorrect stripes. Notice that these go straight up and down instead of following the angle of the hooves. They are also wider at the bottom than the top.
Thanks you so much, Charlotte. Incorrectly angled hooves stripes are one of my pet peeves. I hope to see fewer of them in the future! 

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