Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Both sides, all angles

When I told Tiffany I'd be visiting Longhopes Donkey Shelter, she said, "I really want to make a proper donkey. Could you take some pictures showing both sides and all angles?" 

That sounded like a fun and easy assignment so I agreed immediately. Besides, who wouldn't want to facilitate the creation of more and better long eared Purdys?

The trick, of course, was to find the perfect donkey.
Longhopes is home to donkeys of all shapes and sizes.
Because it is a rescue, many of the donkeys have physical issues.
Donkeys are desert animal and require much less food than horses. When overfed, they can develop adipose fat deposits on their neck and bodies. These remain even after the animal has returned to a normal body weight.
Several members of the Longhopes herd, have "broken crests"... 
and odd looking, lumpy bodies. Although she's cute in her own way, I don't think this is what Tiffany had in mind!
I really wanted lovely little Elsa to be my model, but she was so popular, I had trouble getting good pictures of her when she wasn't surrounded by people. This one is nice, but I never got her other side.
My next choice was Raven.
She was happy to pose for me, but had no interest in showing me her other side.
"Too bad, so sad, left  is all you get." 
It was about this time, I looked over and noticed a cute little red jennet standing all by herself on one side of the pen. 
Although she had no interest in being my friend... 
she was happy to pose for my camera. 
What a good girl! 
So pretty! 
So photogenic! 
There you go, Tiffany. One donkey from both sides and (almost) all angles. Can't wait to see her in plastic!


  1. I used to volunteer at a donkey sanctuary in the UK where I used to live, and I really miss it. Donkeys are just such sweet, intelligent creatures. I love the fact that this sanctuary gives each donkey a collar with their name on; I can't count how many times I was asked by visitors what each animal's name was :) Also a really great idea for model donkeys too :)

  2. I love the collars, too. Aside from name, they also tell gender (pink tags for girls, blue for boys) and status (purple collars for sanctuary donkeys--i.e. those who are not suitable adoption and will live out their days at Longhopes).


  3. After a few weeks of cat shopping, I can NOT tell you how much individual information with the animal is appreciated by those interested in taking one home. Being able to figure out quickly, who we may or may not be interested in (and who can't leave in the case of one cat sanctuary) is SO important. The hubs and I find that a sign of a well run organization who cares about their charges as if they were all their own private pets.

  4. The last pose from red jennet would be pretty funny as a sassy donkey model!