Friday, September 4, 2015

Friday favorites

My copy of the 2015 MEPSA Photo Showers' Annual arrived last week. 
Also known as "The Book", this one hundred and twenty page publication is filled with results...
and photos from this year's Championship show.
I judged the Custom and Resin Performance division. The next photo spread features some of my top choices. As you can see, the competition in MEPSA is every bit as tough as it is at a big live show.
If the entire book was nothing but results, it would still be pretty awesome. However, that's just the beginning...
The Book is filled with full color ads...
and a whole plethora of articles.
Topics are as interesting and diverse as the model horse hobby itself. Some of this year's topics include photography tips, 
finding model horses in Japan, 
Native American regalia, 
personality profiles... 
and customizing advice. 
As this year's featured artist, there are also a couple pages devoted to me. Since I was too lame to write an autobiography, so my friends, Anne and Corina, did the honors. I think they were much too generous in their descriptions of me, but I deeply appreciated their kind words.
Kudos to all the MEPSA officers and especially Anne Field for another fabulous Photo Showers Annual. This is an exceptional hobby resource, and I am honored to be a part of it.

P.S. If you're interested in purchasing your own copy of The Book, please visit MEPSA's page on


  1. I think I might need one o.o I live in Japan and I am VERY interested in that article on model horses in Japan! The hobby shops here are PERFECT for model horse work, but finding models that aren't schliech is very difficult and expensive.

  2. Do you read Bobbie Allen's blog? She moved to Japan earlier this year. No idea if you two are near each other, but it might be fun to compare notes.


  3. This book sounds amazing. I need to get a copy too! I'm interested in that same article - but the rest of it sounds really cool too. :)