Thursday, September 10, 2015

MEPSA saddle

I felt kind of bad about goofing off yesterday and not finishing that saddle, so I stayed up late working on it. I didn't go to bed until it was done. Or, at least, mostly done. 
It still needed stirrup leathers and irons,
a girth, 
a saddle pad... 
and a nameplate! 
Since this saddle is a donation to MEPSA, I decided it would be fun to give it a "MEPSA" nameplate. This can be removed easily if its eventual owner doesn't like it.
Whew! I'm glad that's done. Now it's back to that harness!


  1. Your saddle looks lovely, and whoever receives it is very lucky.

    Your tack and blog has inspired me to start making tack again, and your tack tips have been very helpful. I'd only ever made bridles and martingales before, but because of you, I'm trying my first saddle.

  2. Good luck! You may be pleasantly surprised when you start on that saddle. In some ways saddles are easier than bridles and martingales. They are far less fiddley!

  3. You have a gift! Your tack is stunning, amazing and truly inspiring.

    I discovered you a few years back when I started to collect Schleich, and was amazed at the precision and skill that goes into making your saddles and other items. Now I'm trying to make my own tack for my Topsails and Ballou, and you help so much.

    Thanks for keeping this blog up, just so that others can benefit.


  4. Hi! How do you make/write on the nameplates? Thanks!