Tuesday, February 27, 2018

He (mostly) did it

When I took over the NaMoPaiMo database, I was surprised to find Ryan's name among the entrants. He printed a horse for himself, and I had grand visions of the two of us sitting side by side at the kitchen table working on our models. 

That didn't happen.

Instead, my model got painted twice, while his languished in primer...
until today!
Denver International Airport's infamous Blue Mustang is the inspiration for his piece. 
That color's pretty close! 
It still needs the red eyes, but I think we can almost count this one done. 
Congratulations, Ryan. You are a winner!


  1. Congrats Ryan! A 3-D printed horse is so cool!

  2. Blucifer!!!! Way cool. I dig Ryan’s horse - got to see the inspiration in person last Fall!