Sunday, February 18, 2018

Winners circle

NaMoPaiMo is a lot like endurance racing: To finish is to win. Every single one of these models is a winner.
That said, some stars shine a little more brightly than others. Here's a quick look at some of my favorite members of the NaMoPaiMo class of 2018, starting with Maggie Garlock's little warmblood.
This was the first horse to be finished this year, and also, the first to be shown. Great job, Maggie!
Jean Sorensen was my first friend in the model horse hobby. We met through a penpal ad in Just About Horses and have kept in touch through snail mail and Facebook for thirty years now. I was so excited when she signed up to paint this year, and even more excited when I when I saw what she painted.
You should do this more often, Jean. You're really good at it!
Tegan Skaggs is also really good at this, but like Jean, it had been several years since she'd painted a model. Now she's making up for lost time. In addition to finishing her official NaMoPaiMo entry...
she's also completed a gorgeous bonus horse... 
and there are more on the workbench. Keep going, Tegan!
Last but certainly not least is Darleen Stoddard's amazing Tadpole resin.
Darleen is best known for her tack making skills, but I think we can all agree that she's just as talented in the finishwork department.
Congratulations again to Maggie, Jean, Tegan and Darleen. You are all winners!

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