Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Model photo show

Last month I bought a live show donkey packing set made by Kim Jacobs.
This month I bought another one of Kim's sets. This one is called "Miniature Live & Photo Showing Props."
Not surprisingly, the live show part of the package includes some duplicates.
No matter. I would be happy to own ten of these adorable little binders.
The photo show items, however, are new and wonderfully squee-inducing.
Look at all these little tiny photographs! 
Thanks so much to Kim for another great set. 
I will try to sit on my hands and let someone else buy the next one, but no promises. Like I said before, there's no limit to my love of Kim Jacobs' props!


  1. These are just so adorable. I think I need to make some live and photo show stuff for my models.

    You and Christine get me into so many projects. The barn thing is all your fault. The tack is mostly your fault. The obsession with having a full set of tack for each horse is Christine's fault.

    1. While I'm blaming people for things, this resin is your fault too, as well as my blog, and all my customs are your fault too. The barn is partly Christine's fault too. And I made a photo story for a Chinese project, so I can blame Christine for that too.

      So basically my entire hobby involvement is based on a Google search looking for breyer's polo tack.

    2. I don't feel even a little bit guilty. Sorry!


    3. too funny...I also am looking for someone to blame for this bizarre husband is SO grateful that is it 'mini' and not 'real'...LOL

    4. You don't need to feel guilty. I love the hobby.

  2. Okay, that is just too cute!! Next show, you must take pictures using that... :D

  3. Too cute! Miniature stuff is just awesome!

  4. I love tiny things too.

  5. That must be so wonderful for her to work on those miniature pictures and see her work unfold into a tiny beautiful creation that she can share with the world.

  6. When I get the right materials I think I might work on creating model horses. Do you have any tips for creation or materials needed?

  7. this is amazing, would love to have a go at making some mini things for my horses