Saturday, February 13, 2016

Sleigh Rally

Every February, I write a post about how much I want to attend the Sleigh Rally Model Horse Show in Columbus, Wisconsin.
This show has all of the things I like most about model horse shows: great people...
Lindsay Diamond and Tiffany Purdy
(especially this person!)...
AKA Tiffany Manning
great competition... 
and great scenery.
 Oh, I love the horses,
and sleighs. 
I really didn't think this show could get more appealing until Tiffany sent me these pictures.
Lindsay is ski-joring! How cool is that?! 
Yup, this one is definitely on my bucket list. Maybe 2017?


  1. That show is on my bucket list as well!

    1. Yesss that would be amazing. Clearly if you drove from CO to Kearney we could then carpool together, since you'd take I-80 through NE/past Kearney to get to WI. ;)

  2. Cuteness!!!!! So many adorable, fluffy horses... now I need to go, too! I *love* the brown horses's clip.... such an adorable thing to do!

    P.S. Yet again, I must ask--who owns that model horse and pink tack?! I think Tiffany Purdy, but someone else might have pink tack out there (though I highly doubt it )

    1. That's one of Tiffany's. She will be featured prominently in the next post.

  3. Thats Lindsay Diamond ski-joring I was so jealous I didn't bring proper gear! This show is awesome you can sign up for sleigh rides and ski-joring!!!!!

  4. This so reminds me of a sleigh rally I once attended in eastern PA. So much fun and inspiration! Driving Digest had an article on three-abreast driving... I wonder if those ponies were inspired..

  5. Best part were all the Packers fans that said Go Broncos way to beat those Panthers! Cheeseheads are great fans!

  6. Heck yeah we were cheering for the Broncos!!! If it can't be the Packers that win, better be a good horse team!!

  7. I wish I had gone to that one... Oh well there's always next year

  8. Fluffy ponies!! This is so refreshing because all the horses at my barn are clipped!