Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Super Saturday

On Saturday, I had the great pleasure of spending a day with Jennifer Scott in her beautiful mountain home in Evergreen, Colorado.
The first part of our visit was spent with the animals. This Jenn's "little" girl, Mookie...
so little...
and her horses, Rocky, Myr and Ivy.
Then we headed inside and down to the basement, which doubles as Jenn's studio. The painting station caught my eye first.
These are going to be stunners. 
Everywhere I looked...
there were horses.
Even the bathroom was filled with horses!
Jenn is a sculptor as well as a painter, so a lot of the horses were unfinished resins...
and chinas.
However, there were a few stunning finished pieces in the mix.
There were also bits and pieces of clay sculptures. This is what's left of Rajah after the molding process...
and this is the new Breyer stablemate, Valegro, with the armature upon which he began life. 
We drifted into the casting room, where Jenn showed me the various types of molds.
Then we made a Rajah. This was a really fascinating process, which will be covered in detail in a future post.
After Rajah was done, we headed back upstairs to do a little sculpting. Jenn started a bust...
and I attempted to make a medallion.
I could have sat in Jenn's kitchen and talked and pushed clay forever, but eventually, it was time to go home. Happily, I did not leave empty handed. Oops! That's another unpainted resin!
This was truly a wonderful day. Thanks so much for having me, Jenn. Can we do it again soon? Pretty please?


  1. This sounds like such a fun day! I was left gasping at some of the models (especially the sweet dapple grey... *swoon*). Rocky looks like a mare that I ride, Star. You need to finish that unpainted resin! What color are you thinking? A dappled liver chestnut would be nice...

    1. Bright bay tobiano with cat tracks. I might actually paint him myself, especially if I can get Jenn to hold my hand while I do it.


    2. That sounds lovely! Most of my models are solid colors... I really need to get some appys and paints!

  2. Get that boy primed and ready to go and I will totally hold your hand. ;)