Thursday, June 17, 2021

BCC Performance

Were it not for a few pesky state laws regarding contests, I would have entered this year's BreyerFest Best Customs Contest in the Performance category. I will be forever sad that didn't happen, but as I look at these entries, it occurs to me that I probably would have been an also ran. This is a small but mighty category.
One of the smallest but mightiest entries is Hanna Bear's 2021 NaMoPaiMo horse, "Butt".
There are no elaborate dioramas and backdrops here. It's just a horse and rider, a little bit of footing and a scary plastic bag.
What makes this entry stand out is that every part of it is beautiful, correct and cohesive. The horse, the doll, the tack, the bag, the footing, the photography... all of it is just right. And - no surprise - all of it was made by Hanna.
Next up, here's Elena Lemm's working equitation horse. 
This heavily customized Dominante wears a tack set by Terri Wright and is ridden by an Anne Field doll.
Before this year, Kristen Arendt never completed a full body custom or competed in performance. You wouldn't guess that by looking at this entry. Talk about a successful debut!
Anne Field is a longtime performance shower and doll maker, but customizing is not her usual gig. This year, she decided to challenge herself by entering the Best Customs Contest. This is her horse, but not her actual entry. She will reveal that on her blog sometime in July.
Finally, we have Laura Skillern's ambitious, three horse fire engine entry.
The horses started life as the legs of three Cleveland Bays. Yep, just the legs. Safe to say, they are highly customized. 
Like Hanna, Laura made every part of this entry herself, including the fire engine.
Congratulations, Hanna, Elena, Kristen, Anne and Laura. You are raising the performance showing bar. Good luck at BreyerFest!

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