Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Shana's BCC entry

Just when I thought I was done with the individual Best Customs Contest posts, another good one hits my inbox. Keep them coming, people. If you write it, I will probably post it! Thank you, Shana Bobbitt, for sharing the story behind your Theme class entry. I love the dog horse. Good luck at BreyerFest!

My Retro-Classical Dog Horse

by Shana Bobbitt

This custom started out last August when I was thinking about what to paint for National Retro Vintage Month (NaReViMo). The previous year I had painted a Stablemate entirely in acrylics and really enjoyed the experience, exploring a new medium and working out what it was like to paint horses twenty years ago when we didn't have all the supplies we have now. Another feature of vintage customs is the made-up patterns that people would create on their pintos. I glanced over and saw my pound puppy Storm asleep at my feet and had the thought, hey his pattern could maybe work for a vintage custom feel. I didn't know if there had ever been a splash brindle horse. So that was my initial goal, to paint him for that month of retro-style customs.

I picked out my base model, did some very slight customizing on the hooves, mane/forelock and added a sheath (he is a gelding! my dog is neutered LOL) I worked out the color for the base which was pretty tricky, it ended up being a combination of brown, gray, etc and I airbrushed his base color. From that point on though it was all brush work with the exception of laying down some of his patterns with colored pencils just to get a grasp on where they would go. Needless to say I did not get him done last August!
As time went by I would see him standing there staring at me as I worked on other (easier) projects and I kept thinking I really need to finish this dog-horse! Then the announcement of BreyerFest 'Horse of a Different Color' and the rules for Classically Customized with "Creative concepts" welcomed and encouraged. That did the trick! I decided I would finish him for the contest. I have entered BFCC a handful of times and have never been a finalist, and I don't expect to be this year either. However I now have a lovely sentimental custom staring back at me that represents all my growth this year! That is a win in itself!
Special thanks to Stephanie Blaylock for all her NaMoPaiMo tutorials on painting horse heads this past year, I have been paying attention! And I applied myself on this model because I have been wanting to step up my game on facial shading and just wasn't sure how to go about it before.  


  1. This one is amazing, relatable and heart-touching.

  2. What a cool custom! Creative, sentimental, and inspired. Plus I'm a sucker for a brindle bully dog <3