Monday, September 4, 2017

Get a red mule

While I was busy working last week, my best riding buddy, Mary Jo, was riding a mule in the Grand Canyon. That's something I've always dreamed of doing, so I asked her to write a blog post about the experience. Happily, she obliged. Thank you, Mary Jo!

Get a Red Mule

by Mary Jo Stark

While we were riding Scarlett and Sprite earlier this year, I told Jennifer I would be going to the Grand Canyon North Rim to do the bucket list mule ride. Since this is a ride she wants to do and has already visualized some of the photographs, I asked for photography advice. She told me to take a shot of my foot in the stirrup looking down, to take lots and lots of pictures, and to get a red mule. 
The wranglers laughed when I asked for a red mule. Leslie was a lovely shade of auburn red. 
She reminded me of Scarlett.
I was so happy to finally get to ride a Grand Canyon mule.
Riding behind wrangler Bryan and his mule Gus with his long string of cowboy chatter put me in the zone. I forgot to take lots and lots of pictures. I just looked at all the beauty in wonder and fell into the rhythm of Leslie picking her way along the trail. 
Good thing I made friends with my group, as this is a great uphill shot by Carol Land on Mike. 
I did remember to get a photo of my foot in stirrup looking down. This shows how close to the edge the mules walk, although I missed the aaaaaaahhhhhh moments.
I also got the ubiquitous As Seen Through Leslie’s ears shot.
And I got a photo by Bryan for the Old Cowgirls group wearing my green bandana.
Most of all, I got to ride Leslie the red mule into the Grand Canyon.  
One more equestrian bucket item checked off my list! 


  1. Such a cool experience and such awesome photos!! Thanks for sharing, Mary Jo!

  2. I've also done the North Rim mule ride! It was about 10 yrs. ago and I have photos to prove it...LOL! Awesome...I want to do it again and go all the way to the bottom this time!