Saturday, September 30, 2017

You never know

 Nine years ago, I went to a party and came home with a bag of body parts.
These included a set of Boreas bookends.
I reunited the front and back halves and sent him to Mindy Berg, who gave him one of her glorious dapple grey paintjobs. 
In the years since then, Dhaulagiri has been one of the mainstays of my resin halter show strings. He's won a lot of NAN cards and a couple division titles...
but I never expected this to happen! 
Today, Dhaulagiri was named Resin Halter Overall Reserve Champion at the Backwoods Two Day Show in Divide, Colorado. Here he is with the Resin Halter Overall  Champion, owned by Heather Malone.
His stablemate Castillo was the Custom Halter Overall Champion. 
It was a good day for Team Braymere.
Performance tomorrow!