Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Dremels and things

Seth broke my Dremel.
To be fair, I should point out that it was a really old dremel.  My dad gave it to me when I was in college, and I've used it a lot.  It's amazing it lasted as long as it did, so I really do not blame Seth for its long overdue demise.  Despite that, he felt bad about breaking it.  We're still reeling financially from the most recent plumbing extravaganza, so I told him I could do without.  Seth disregarded that, logged onto Craig's List and within a day, my trusty old dremel had been replaced for free.  Yay!
As soon as I'm out of this sling, I can go right back to chopping up plastic horses.  Double yay!
I've always considered dremels to be a tool used exclusively on model horses, but I learned otherwise this past Monday.  My fellow "wounded warrior" Kristina's horse was having his teeth floated that day, so we talked an able bodied friend into driving us to the barn to watch.

Kahlua obviously suffers from the same dental fears that I do, so getting him from his pen to the big barn was a little bit exciting.
Once the sedative kicked in, however, he was one big, happy, buckskin lump!
Dr. Mueller and his assistant buckled the speculum into place...
and hung the head sling from the top of the stall door.
Dr. Mueller did an exam and showed Kristina the problem areas.
At first Kristina was happy to record the proceedings, 
but once the giant dremel came out...
she turned into a worried mama!
Seriously, that's the biggest, scariest dremel I've ever seen.  This picture gives me the shudders!
Fortunately, both Kristina and Kahlua survived the "customizing" session.
We hung out and drank hot tea (it was cold!) while he recovered from the sedation.
As soon as Kahlua was ready, we turned him out in the indoor ring.  At first he was still a little droopy...
but it wasn't long before he was running...
and jumping...
and kicking up his heels!
Kahlua will be much happier now that his dental issues have been addressed.  Hurray for dremels!
On a more serious note, I have to say that there is nothing better than having an "injury buddy."  I wouldn't wish harm on anyone, but if you have to get hurt, you should always do it at the same time as one of your friends. 
This whole recovery stage would be so much worse if I didn't have Kristina's sympathy, empathy and friendship to prop me up!  We're going out to see our ponies again tomorrow.  I can't wait!


  1. Your photography is amazing Jenn! :O

  2. Thank you for saying that. I am fairly unhappy with the pictures in this post. The light in the big barn and indoor arena is not the best, and I was shooting mostly one handed. Everything had to be run through a "sharpen" filter (or two) to look good enough for publication, and even then... Not my best work!

    Still, I thought the pictures might be interesting to anyone who hasn't seen this procedure before, plus there was that tantalizing tie in to my old and new dremel!

    I am also pleased to report that I'm getting stronger every day. I'll be shooting two handed before you know it. I might even attempt a little tack making tomorrow!

  3. Very interesting, teeth floating seems to have always fascinated me haha! Also, very glad you got a new dremel. Kudos to Seth!
    I'm one of yiur younger blog readers, and my parents won't trust me with a dremel. But I have my trusty old X-Acto knife, so at least I can etch. Ahah.

    And thanks for more pictures of the lovely Kahlua! He's dazzling to look at. Can't wait to see him pop up somewhere in your blog again.

    Get well soon!

  4. You probably shouldn't tell your parents this, but I've had WAY more accidents with X-acto knives than dremels. Actually, I don't think I've ever hurt myself with the dremel. Wish I could say the same about the X-acto!

    Long term horse owners probably won't find the teeth floating pictures interesting, but I know there are a lot of horse lovers here who don't get to spend much time with real horses. I am hoping this post will be both fun and educational for them.

    And Kahlua is lovely. I am really, really, REALLY looking forward to posting pictures of Kristina and I riding our two boys down the trail. It's gonna happen!

    1. I bet he'll look even more dazzling in some natural light (and tack!)

      And I won't tell them, haha. I think they just said it was too "risky" as an excuse not to buy one because we have so many pets around the house. (by that I mean little birds and two little dogs)

      Thanks for the tip though ;)
      Hopefully one day I won't find teeth floating interesting, when I own a horse :)


    2. Oh, it will *always* be interesting to watch your own horse get his teeth floated, you just won't feel compelled to sit there all day watching the vet do his thing on horse after horse!


    3. If seen TV shows where they do that...P.S hope your arm is getting better #be strong;-)


  5. They use dremels for human teeth too! Dentists use dremels to smooth overly-sharp teeth.