Sunday, November 3, 2013

Better than percoset

Even when I have absolutely no money in my model horse account, I check Model Horse $ales Pages several times each day.
Because I'm a picky collector, there aren't a lot of models that truly tempt me, at least not in my price range.  Where I run into trouble are horses that I really like and can almost afford.  These models get me thinking about time payments and wondering if I could possibly squeeze another saddle into my work schedule to raise funds.  

Recently, Sheryl Liesure listed a pair of custom painted Breyer Totilas models to MH$P.  The bay was nice, but the grey literally took my breath away.  The price was totally reasonable, but my PayPal account was empty.  

So the debate began.

"It's not that much money," my inner child said.  "I could sell one saddle set and pay for him."

"Get real," the boring responsible adult answered.  "Darcy needs surgery and Christmas is coming.  You can't afford it."

I left the ad open for a full day, trying to decide, and eventually breathed a sigh of relief when the model was marked as sold.

Fast forward a month or two.  One of my favorite customers asked me if I had any saddle slots open.  I indicated that I might, so she pulled out the big guns and offered me a couple choice models in trade.

I opened the first photo and almost fell over.  It was that Sheryl Liesure Totilas!!!!!
Needless to say, I immediately agreed to the trade.  Ha!  I literally couldn't say "yes!" fast enough!
Unfortunately, I broke my collarbone shortly after all this transpired.  As a result, I haven't been able to make much (any) progress on Margaret's tack set.  Despite that, she went ahead and shipped the model to me.  He arrived yesterday, and I am in love.
Oh, those dapples! 
Oh, that face!  I love the little, tiny eyelashes... 
and the delicate suggestion of hair detail.
I can not wait to see this horse in tack.  He is going to look spectacular!
Apparition is currently hanging out with me in the "invalid corner" of my living room.  Every time I look at him, I feel a little bit better.  Truly, he's a better pain reliever than percoset!
Thanks a million, Margaret!  I promise that as soon as I am able, I will make you something equally gorgeous!


  1. He IS breathtaking! AMAZING!
    You lucky gal! :)

  2. Soooo Pretty- I agre with you, I do look at MH$P every day, and keep the ones I like open until I decide yes or no. I actually think I saw him for sale and thought he was gorgeous. Congrats on him- sooo pretty!

  3. Congrats!! Glad he makes you feel a little better!

  4. He truly IS lovely...
    Congratulations on your beautiful new boy.

  5. Congrats! He's just gorgeous :)

  6. Sheryl's work is just amazing... lucky you!

  7. I love Sheryl's dapple grays. Congrats on getting him, he is gorgeous!!!!! I hope you are doing better!

  8. Wow! He was meant to be yours :-)

  9. Wow! He is a beauty, for sure! L-O-V-E the dapples. He looks so detailed and an artists perfect horse. He was meant for you, that is certain.

  10. Oh Jenn he's beautiful! Those eyelashes...I love drawimg little fuzzy ponies with little eyelashes. :)

  11. What breed is he..??