Sunday, June 28, 2009

Happier Sunday

Sorry about that lame-o, no picture post yesterday. It's been kind of a tough week, and even with the good news from Portland, I just didn't have the energy to write up a proper entry. Fortunately, today has been a much better day. My husband took the kids to the mountains, and I had the house all to myself for the first time in a long time. I took advantage of all that lovely quiet and made a big start on a completely different kind of tack (for me, at least!). I'll post pictures eventually, but that's not what I want to talk about today.

If you subscribe to Just About Horses, you've probably already admired the amazing tack pictured in this article about Susan Bensema Young.
Susan is the most amazing tackmaker, and I am always pleased to see her get the recognition she so justly deserves. However, that's not the main reason I was delighted to see her featured in Breyer's hobby magazine. The new article brought back some wonderful memories of a similar story that absolutely rocked my world way back in 1987.
It's been twenty two years but I still remember how impressed I was with Susan's tack. I simply could not believe anyone could make anything so small and so perfect. I couldn't stop looking at those pictures, and my copy of that issue is dogeared as a result!
So, I smiled as I read my Just About Horses magazine this week. When I was done, I put it down and imagined all the little girls out there who keep looking at those pictures and wondering aloud how anyone could possibly make such amazing little saddles. I bet that article will be the inspiration for a whole new generation of model tackmakers--good job, Breyer!

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  1. A lot of us are just as inspired by YOUR work, too, Jennifer!