Saturday, June 20, 2009

Your clean room

It's been a long, slow haul finishing up NAN orders. Although we did manage to make it to the zoo and a favorite park, the kids have spent the majority of their summer vacation hanging out at home while I work on tack. This hasn't been a huge hardship for them. The weather has been great and they've spent most of that time riding their bikes and playing with the neighbors. Still, I couldn't help but feel guilty yesterday when Ryan asked if we could please, please, please go somewhere.

We ended up spending the afternoon at an indoor pool. While the kids swam, I read my way through a stack of magazines that had been piling up at home. Not surprisingly, most of those magazines were horse related. However it was this ad in Entertainment Weekly that really caught my attention (click on the picture to enlarge):
Too cute! I've never been a pinky girl, but color aside, I would have loved to have had this room when I was a kid. Now I'd settle for simply having a room that clean. Ah well, maybe someday!


  1. when I first saw the tiny photograph in my dashboard reader I thought geez, that is a really pink room and thought geez, I thought she had boys like me.

    It is adorable! I wish my bedroom now was that large and neat. I never was a pink girl either until I went through my midlife crisis. Now I am beyond pink! I just know if when I got to BF if I don't get that pink poodle I shall surely die!!!

    Anyway, good luck trying to get a clean room. I'm still waiting and mine are 18 and 19. Actually one isn't too bad but he goes through periods where it gets bad and then cleans it up real well.

  2. Gads I can't listen to my husband and type at the same time. You get my gist right? LOL

  3. My hubby gets that mag, and I saw that ad too! I thought it was neat how many *horses* she had in her very cute room. :-)