Sunday, March 31, 2019

BreyerWest people

As much as I enjoyed the model horses, real horses and carousel horses in Oregon, the best part of BreyerWest was the people. Here are some of the people who made this year's event so memorable.
Jennifer Scott
Cameron Clow
Heather Malone
Sandra Gibson and Meredith Conrad
Heather Puleo and Jennifer Buxton
Melanie Miller
Missy Show, Sandra Gibson and Rebecca Shaw
Maggie Jenner-Bennett
Barrie Getz and Cameron Clow
Lynn Weber and Heather Malone
Missy Shaw
Sandra Gibson and Cameron Clow
Olive Hintz
Kenzie Williamson
Meredith Conrad
Barrie Getz
Cameron Clow
Christina Riley
Erin Corbett and Kristen Cermele
Meredith Conrad
Erin Corbett


  1. Although we didn’t get to do too much during the day together, it was good to talk and catch up til 2 a.m.

    1. There's never enough time at these kind of events. We need an artist weekend!