Friday, June 5, 2015

Piled high

The piles...
pile by Amanda Brock
just keep... 
pile by Christina Harrington
piling up! 
pile by Heather Dunaway
Some people are stacking their models like Jenga blocks...
pile by Sophie Wale
and generally having way too much fun. 
pile by Emma VR
Others need a lot of encouragement...

pile by Curtis Sayers
It's okay, Curtis. 
pile by Curtis Sayers
They're not that fragile! 
pile by Curtis Sayers
That said, there are a few piles that make me twitchy. 
pile by Anne Field
This is one of them!
pile by Lindsay Diamond
Thanks for the photos, everyone. Keep on piling!


  1. Nope, Not gonna happen!! : )
    I'll watch but piling models is NOT my definition of fun... MUCH . TOO . SCARY! : O

    1. I know! The sight of that glossy Marwari and the Treasure Hunt Silver makes me feel a bit uneasy.

  2. I think it's a fun concept but some of these are making me nervous. I won't be trying this one.

  3. I like Curtis' pictures, they made me chuckle. Seeing the piles of ponies, though, makes me very nervous. Hahaha