Thursday, June 18, 2015


For some crazy dedicated showers, preparing for Breyerfest Live is a year round affair. Here's how my friend, Erin Corbett, is getting ready for all those tack changes. Many thanks to Leah Koerper for photographing and reporting on the madness!


by Leah Koerper

People may look forward to Breyerfest all year long, but I recently got to attend a much more exclusive event: Pretendsies Breyerfest, aka Fakeyfest. Fakeyfest was a dry run for Erin's extensive performance plans for the Breyerfest Live Show.

Breyerfest Live is known as the toughest live show in the country, and it moves quickly with multiple divisions running simultaneously. Erin wanted to make sure she'd be able to get all her entries into their classes. So we ran through the classlist with a timer to keep things hopping, and I acted as judge.
This was a great opportunity for both of us. Erin got to rehearse and fine-tune her set-ups. Meanwhile, I got to practice judging performance and providing meaningful feedback on entries.
As with many shows, things got real busy real fast. Erin's "show table" was set up in her kitchen. What started out as a neatly organized area...
...quickly became cluttered with tack, props, and horses.
Just like with the real show, we ran OF and CM Performance simultaneously, with me switching back and forth between classes as Erin hustled to get her entries on the table.
Luckily, Erin is the master of tack changes.
Is it nuts to hold your own fake live show rehearsal? Maybe a little... but no one can deny that Erin is the epitome of a dedicated performance shower! Thanks Erin for a super fun day- and good luck at the show!


  1. That really is awesome... in a scary way. I say that, because I'm really wanting to get into performance showing in the future. It's exciting - and terrifying. ;) I can certainly see how preparing like this would help!

    1. I have never, ever prepared for a show like this. Not even close. Erin is a special kind of crazy.

      And, yes, that's why we love her!

  2. This is perfect: a mini of a miniature show. Thanks for sharing!