Monday, June 29, 2015

Barn time

I had to run a couple important errands this morning, and by the time I was done, it was too hot to ride. 

Usually when this happens, I remind myself that it's okay to skip a day. After all, I'm not the one in charge of feeding or mucking.This week, however, that's not entirely true. I am caring for Sprite while her family is on vacation, and she minds very much if she doesn't get her daily noms.

Happily, James offered to accompany me to the barn. 
We had a fun time playing with Sprite... 
 and then we checked in...
with all her neighbors.
It may have been too hot to ride, but it's never too hot for barn time.


  1. I tell you what, Jennifer, these pictures of James with the horses, especially that last one...they're wonderful. I've probably said it before but I really hope he always is like this with animals.

  2. Your last comment? Couldn't agree more! (And I love to horse-sit, too!)