Sunday, June 12, 2022

Sometimes it's like that

When it comes to the hobby, I am a lifer.

My participation and investment may vary, depending on whatever else is happening in my life, but I'm always going to have horses on my shelves.
When I got Olive, I thought, "Welp, no new models for a while." I stopped looking at MH$P and went no notifications on most of the hobby buy/sell Facebook pages.
I honestly thought 2022 would be a no major purchases kind of year.
Then I was presented with an opportunity that was way too good to pass up.
What can I say? Sometimes it's like that.
So anyway... Here's the newest member of my herd, a Rose Reiner painted by Nikki Button.
He arrived yesterday, and I am completely smitten. 
I didn't mean to buy a big horse this year, but I'm really glad I bought this one. Thank you, Aislinn, for making this possible. I absolutely love my pretty new boy.

P.S. A horse this nice deserves a really good name. I have a couple ideas, but I'm not one hundred percent sold on any of them yet. Suggestions are always welcome!


  1. I really love him! Can't wait to see him in tack! Such a gorgeous sculpt/color.

    1. My sidesaddle doll is riding him across my desk right now. He looks wonderful under saddle.

  2. I'm a lifer too I'm afraid, just with a lot smaller budget these days. So I definitely get it. Congrats on a beautiful new piece! Stunning!

  3. I love your blog; congrats on the pretty new pony! Rose Reiner is so beautifully sculpted. Here are some name ideas:
    The Last Frontier aka Alaska
    Busy Daydreaming aka Dreamer
    Stolen Dance aka Tango
    Don't Steal My Thunder aka Zeus

  4. Normally I love naming horses; still this guy is hard. My first idea is based on his color. Apricot Country. Apricot anything, really: Apricot Dreams, Pie, Motion,...