Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Every day

Every day I wake up and think, "Today I'm going to write a blog post." Then - before I even get out of bed - I make a mental list of possible topics. 

No surprise, real horse subjects top the list.
It's not quite all Olive.
I also have updates on some old familiar faces...
There are hobby topics I want to write about, as well.
After all, BreyerFest is coming.
So, too, is BreyerFest tack.
There's so much I want to say while I'm lying there in bed.
Then my feet hit the ground, and somehow, it all kind of goes away. 
There is a point every evening when I realize that although I really meant to write a post, I did not. 
But not today. 
Today I finally wrote something.
Tomorrow I'll try to do it again.

1 comment:

  1. Always happy to read a new post, but always take care of you first! Also I love that last picture!