Sunday, March 3, 2019

NaMoPaiMo family pictures, part one

I took a group photo of my NaMoPaiMo horses today. There's Agatha the Clydesdale from 2017, Maeve the Irish Draft from 2018 and this year's judgmental pony, Bubbles.
To my great delight, this kind of NaMoPaiMo family picture has become a thing on the NaMoPaiMo Facebook page. I love them so much and am delighted to share them here. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to send a photo of their NaMoPaiMo herd!
models by Anne Giles
models by Audrey Dixon
models by Beth Peart
models by Bobbie Allen
models by Charlotte Donahue
models by Christie Richardson
models by Cindy Evans-Yates
models by Darleen Stoddard
models by Karinny Hullathi
models by Karen Lloyd
models by Heather Jackson-Lain
models by Jana Wright
models by Jay Alexander
models by Julie Keim
models by Donna Fredley
models by Donna McKnight
models by Kate Springer
models by Erica Ferguson
models by Fabian Rodriguez
models by Fiona Covert
models by Ginger Combs
models by Gretchen Glover


  1. My 2018 horse was actually the SM reiner, and the Arab was the first horse I ever painted.

    It's so cool seeing how much everyone has improved!

    1. Sorry for the mix-up. I was wondering why I didn't remember that Arab!