Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mission semi accomplished

One of my primary hobby goals for the last year was to get back into photo showing. Specifically, I wanted to build and campaign a show string in hopes of qualifying for and competing in the big MEPSA International Championship Show. 
I didn't do a bang up job of that, but I did manage to enter two qualifying shows. Thirteen of my photos earned entry into last month's Championship Show. Yesterday, I found out how they fared.
Rajun Cajun won Horse of the Year in the Foal Division. This was not news, as the HOTY winners had been chosen by popular vote on the MEPSA blog at the completion of the show year. Still, it was really nice to see his picture in "the Book." 
Upwey Brass was my top halter horse, winning the Reserve Light Breed Championship in the Custom Division. 
Halter prizes are nice nice, but performance is always my main interest. Happily, that's where I had the most success. Little Spring Fever's scene entry won the Judge's Choice award...
and Khompounded Interest was English Pleasure Grand Champion. Hurray! 
This is a "big prizes" show, but my loot picture is pretty modest. I got a gift certificate to Chelsea's models, a new in box Breyer American Pharoah and a tiny green dragon. Not bad for thirteen photos! 
This wasn't the amazing return to photo showing that I'd envisioned, but it was a reasonably successful return. I'm calling this mission semi accomplished and am making plans to do more in the upcoming show year.


  1. Congratulations on your wins and loot!! :D I too had decided to get back into photo showing and had wanted to be the same Championship show. I got a late start for the show year and only managed to enter one qualifier. 5 horses qualified to go, but... I didn't think it was worth it to enter so few in the BIG show, so... I didn't. I really wish I would have. :( Lesson learned for next time. (I'm still going to kick myself for a little while though)

    1. I almost skipped it, too. I tend to be an all or nothing type of person, and thirteen pictures just barely seemed like they were worth the effort. Of course, now I'm glad I did. There's something about seeing your photos in print that is really inspiring. I hope we'll share page space together next year.


  2. Jennifer, love your little green dragon and I bet AP would be great in some performance classes if you keep him! You could have gotten more "little" prizes, but...

    1. I sent thirteen photos. I am delighted to have won anything!