Wednesday, September 15, 2010

RMR resin halter

Performance may be my first love as far as live showing goes, but Resin Halter is a close second. Unfortunately for me, those two divisions were running simultaneously at the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous live show. I was so busy with the speed tacking, that I hardly had time to glance at the resin table. If not for the help of Teresa and Karen, all my horses would have certainly missed their classes!

The foal division was first. My babies were second and sixth in the Stock Foal class.
Teresa Fedak's Optimes were first and second in the Arabian class. This is the only picture I took during the entire light breed division!
Teresa Buzzell's The Alchemist won the warmblood class and was later named Reserve Champion Sport Breed.
Champion Sport Breed was Sherre Tuley's Justin Thyme resin.
I think the performance judge was taking a bathroom break during the resin stock horse division because I actually had enough time to take a few pictures! This is Jennifer Scott's slightly customized Rose Reiner.
My own Zips Cocco Chip won the Quarter Horse class. Chip is a Valor body with a Phoenix head. He was customized and painted by Tiffany Purdy. Thanks to Teresa for insisting that I bring him!
Here's another horse by Jennifer Scott. This one is an Eberl Octopussy resin.
This Sundance resin was sculpted and painted by Sheila Anderson Bishop.
Close up of the paintwork. Sheila's horses are always full of wonderful little details that can only be appreciated in person.
Another Sheila horse. This El Embosco resin won the mustang class.
Stock Breed Champion and Reserve.
The pony/draft/other equine division was next. My big and little Purdy horses both found their way to the callback table.
BFF was named Champion. Yay! I won another candy bar!
One side of the Overall Resin and Custom Championship callback table.
Another view.
Two horses painted by Sheila.
And the winners are...
Congrats to Teresa Fedak who owns both those lovelies and big thanks to Brab Spohr for judging. RMR may be a small show but the competition is tough!


  1. Tough halter classes! Lot's of nice models for a small show! The Alchemist is my favorite - I love my sport horses. :D

  2. Those are awesome resins! I especially like the reiner and BFF :D

  3. Nice photo of Alchemist Jennifer! He's not easy to photograph at times. I love Teresa F's bay Optime. He's the one I would buy if I could - and she knows it :)

  4. I think I take pictures of Alchemist at every show, but that just might be the first one that's turned out even kind of ok. Photos of dark colored models taken with a flash in a show hall are usually not worth publishing. Glad it worked out this one time!