Friday, September 17, 2010

RMR performance postscript

As we finished up the Performance division at the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous live show, Sandy Lyles told Teresa and that she was adding a bonus class to the division. "Just set up something silly, " she said. "Something you've always wanted to set up but haven't had the opportunity."

Yeah right.

After four solid hours of speed tacking all I could think of was a table full of dead horses and dolls. Fortunately, Teresa had a better idea. We combined her props and documentation...
with my horse and doll and came up with one pretty nifty set up.
Hey Sandy! I think we both deserve another NAN card!!


  1. Yay! I first heard about this on the Fugly blog, it sounds like a fun class. Great idea for a setup.

  2. That's where I borrowed it from :)

  3. I did bribe a horse with my Paint at a fun show about 6 years ago. We so would have won if I could have ran faster, not to mention the wet sand we had to run in. He was glued to my side and we had the tightest turn around the barrel of all of them. I did it once with Diva last year, we started out well, but then she stopped at the barrel to see what was in it, doh! Ive used it in games classes at model shows several times since then.